About Copetti.org

What is this place?

Hi there and welcome to my website.

I’m Rodrigo Copetti and I live in Scotland. I graduated in 2020 with a degree in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow and I’m currently working as a software engineer (mainly with iOS and Android).

I’ve built this website in 2019 to write about topics I like to investigate during my free time, this includes computing architecture, mobile user interfaces and some pieces of software that I wrote. This is what I have so far.

Get in touch

You can contact me by mail or by Twitter, please note that I’m not interested in placing advertisements or third-party content on this site.

Apart from those two, I don’t use any other social media platform. Although I’ve got a LinkedIn profile, but I don’t use it unless I need to update my current employment.

Casual questionnaire

Here I’ve compiled answers to questions people have asked me in the past, just in case you are curious:

Apart from that…

If you are looking for new stuff to watch on telly, here’re some of my most respected shows:

Additionally, these comedies may help you pass time if you happen to be stuck in a plane:

I wish some TV channel (or streaming service) would broadcast any of these:

Super-curated repertoire

Alternatively, if you’re looking for new music…

Finally, here’s a super-curated list of 80s tunes that will make you lose any remaining respect you had for my good taste in music:

Years of listening to 80s radios came down to this

Only proceed with caution!

Catchy / To-play-in-the-car type

Soft Pop / Good for multi-tasking

‘Hard’ Rock (Van Halen style)

Dance / Workout ?

Bored / To wake up

Follow-up / Ran out of tunes

I don’t know where to put this

It’s not strictly 80s but I must leave it written somewhere

Don’t judge me! 🧐

Still reading?

Thanks! Don’t forget to check out my writings, I like to collect lots of research.