Architecture of Consoles: eBook edition

A new 'offline' format


The Architecture of Consoles series is now available in eBook format as well. This is particularly handy if you use an eReader, want to read offline and/or like to keep a permanent copy with you. You can find the eBooks of the series at the following stores:

The eBooks are DRM-free and priced at the minimum value allowed by the stores (~$3.10 USD). I take 70% of royalties from each sale and all profits, after taxes, are treated as donations.

Every time I add or correct the content of any article, I will also send the changes to the eBook stores. Thus, your store will allow you to update your old copy without needing to buy it again.

As a token of gratitude, if you have contributed to the site before (either through the Github repo, translations), feel free to ask me for a free copy (or copies). The stores don’t have the option to create vouchers, but I can personally email you a copy in EPUB format. Please note that I’m not selling eBooks through PayPal, that’s for donations only (otherwise I’d be infringing PayPal’s terms).